We built it on the
blockchain —
for security,
and reliability
Blockchain launches a new
in health information
Blockchain technology is a new way to store
data that makes TESTD secure,

and keeps results verifiable. Information can't be
falsified once it has been stored.

Plus, access to personal health
information (PHI)
is encrypted and
HIPAA compliant, by design.

A free download form the app store
(iOS and Android). It manages the COVID-19
testing process in the user's hands,
self scheduling for test needs.

Your vital corporate DashBoard. Track your

testing supplies, your back-to-work regimen

of testing, and your employees' health.

Flexible reporting makes it necessary today,

and critical tomorrow, when vaccinations

must be tracked and new health

are discovered.

A custom built tablet app for testing sites and
medical facilities enabling fast and accurate
checkin and patient matching,
test pairing,
and specimen management that interlocks
with pharmacy,
clinical lab, and physician

A custom-designed Appointments Calendar
that allows employees to schedule a test when
required, triggered automatically
by an email
or a text link sent according
to protocols for
your industry or locality.

Puts the data you need to know at a glance
about your workers and your job sites,
curates the latest news on the
fight against
infectious diseases.

A smartphone app for users checking

into high volume testing sites.