Wellness management,
right in the
employee's hand
You're in control of better

health management
TESTD | ID manages the COVID-19 testing

process anytime, anywhere,
including self scheduling for test needs.
A free download from the
App store (iOS and Android)
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  • TESTD | ID manages the COVID-19
    testing process in the employee's
    hands including self scheduling
    for test needs.
  • Saved records can't be
    altered or falsified.
  • Access is strictly limited.
  • End to end custody of medical
    records is assured.
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Easy to use
  • Minimal click app environment —
    step-by-step menus and
    intuitive workflow.
  • Effortless pairing of medical test
    kits to phone biometrics.
  • Tests get witnessed at a clinic,
    at the job site, or even at home
    through telemedicine.
  • Results are displayed on the phone
    screen when the app is opened;
    reminders automatically issued
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  • Works with any approved test

    COVID-19 and will track
    vaccination status.
  • Software as a Solution (SaaS)
    environment means your platform
    is continuously updated and requires minimal interaction from the user.
  • In use in nursing home facilities,
    up testing sites, hotels

    and retail locations.
TESTD | ID uses Touch ID or Face ID
to give
users power over their
personal medical information

Nothing is stored on the phone, so it can't
be accessed by unauthorized people.

Tests get witnessed at work, at a clinic,
or even at home by a telemedicine
technician you contact through the app.

As new tests for COVID get invented, we’ll manage the data. Plus, track any vaccine or booster that gets approved.

Results are displayed on your phone screen
when you open the app for access to work,
travel, events, or social occasions.

TESTD reminds you when your test is
expiring and a new test is required.

Schedule your tests right inside the
app and save them to your calendar.