Getting Safely
Back to Work

TESTD™ is a COVID-19 I.D. that stores
antibody status on a blockchain.

It can’t be forged, and travels with you from work,
to the gym, and to dinner out

Is shielded from all your other medical information
so no one has access to your private data

Protects employers in vulnerable insurance
or liability situations

Gives your employees the power to share anonymous information with medical researchers studying COVID-19



TESTD puts COVID-19 test results online — giving users a secure way to prove they are good to go back to work after recovering from the virus.


Employers have peace of mind regarding liability and insurance because they know the workforce has passed the test and that the tests can't be forged.


And employers are providing workers with an important benefit -- the convenience of a verified test that can be accessed everywhere they travel in a day.


By putting that information on the blockchain and separate from any other medical information, we give users the power to share as they shoose with public health agencies.


TESTD is a COVID-19 ID that lets every employee, patient, and individual take control of their personal health information (PHI) and testing.

TESTD™ is an ideal tool to power apps for:

Insurance Companies

Delivery Services

Rideshare Companies

Staffing Companies

Online Dating Services

… and any company or organization that wants to provide a safe workplace, comply with regulations and insurance needs, and eliminate concerns about you and your teammates coming into contact with each other.

Verified, but Secure

Most citizens want to step up and help control the global COVID-19 pandemic. But they want to be able to prove their medical test status without giving any other personal information away. TESTD™ lets individuals take control of their COVID-19 test results. TESTD technology displays a face and a test result — minimal information about the employee is gathered, and none of it is accessible fraudulently.
Anything identifying the user is locked to the blockchain, secure from prying eyes.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a new way of storing and retrieving information TESTD™ is just one application of that technology. Individuals take a medical test, that test is witnessed by a verified employee, and the test result is uploaded confidentially to the blockchain. The blockchain makes it impossible to falsify that information once it has been stored, preventing a black market for personal health information (PHI) including COVID-19 test results.

Healing the World

Users can choose to opt into sharing additional information regarding age, pre-existing conditions, or other demographic data that may be useful to epidemiologists,
researchers and public health services.