We're test agnostic.
Any test. Any manufacturer.
We’re with you all the way
When you've got test results to analyze

and report from yesterday, today,

and tomorrow, the last thing you
need is
an obsolete platform.
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Been collecting data in binders,
or on a platform that no longer
applies to modern tests? TESTD
can get your archives into our
constantly-current, HIPAA
compliant, SaaS platform.

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Today's tests include rapid tests
and lab-evaluated tests from a
thicket of testing manufacturers.
No need to use a test maker's site
or app to manage tests. TESTD
works, no matter where you buy
your test kits. So you are never
locked in to one supplier,
and never have to fear running low.

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With vaccines arriving, we'll still
need to test for infection, immunity,
and the possibility of antibodies —
the only complete platform that
can manage them all, including
tests that haven't been invented yet.