Let's get hospitality hopping again
If you're in hotels, dining, bars, or clubs —
let's get you out of the darkness
by getting TESTD
From hotels to bars and nightclubs to restaurants, the
hospitality industry has been severely impacted

by the COVID-19 virus…and we’re not out of the woods
yet. With proper testing procols in place,

both staff and customers can feel confident in your
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  • Staff infections are kept to a

    minimum and caught early with

    a dedicated regimen of testing.
  • Stay healthier and keep your data

    current with protocols developed

    by our experts.
  • Reassure guests your staff is the

    best it can be.
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  • Join our "verified" program of

    retail partners by displaying the

    TESTD badge.
  • Encourage testing by favoring

    reservations from TESTD patients.
  • Give your diners the assurance

    their server's health is being

    routinely screened.
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  • Your "verified" badge promotes

    the idea
    that testing matters.
  • Embed your test stats on menu

    card QR codes.
  • Be ready for vaccinations by being
    able to read patrons' antibody
    status, right on their mobile phones.