Our nation's medical

need top flight
test protection
They take care of the rest of us.
We need
to make sure they're
Healthcare professionals serve on the
frontlines of the American healthcare

As providers of in-home care and at
clinics and hospitals, they are also

on the frontline of the COVID-19
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Nursing homes
  • Protect our loved ones by keeping

    infections out.
  • TESTD is so easy and affordable

    care facilities can test on any

    protocol needed.
  • Protect your company with

    fail safe data management to

    shore you up against unfounded

    legal claims.
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  • Where the virus is raging, our front

    line workers are under incredible

  • Reduce the uncertainty with

    testing workers can rely on.
  • Self-scheduling lets administrators

    and providers concentrate on

    saving lives.
  • Fast patient intake where individuals

    may not have a long history with

    the facility.
  • Speeds the process of treating

    patients to reduce the chance

    of spread.
  • Creates an indelible record of the

    visit and
    the test results.