Gig workers need
to get
TESTD, too
Our distributed workforce can
test at home and display a "safe
worker" badge
Let your customers know the driver or
delivery person pulling up to the door is
safe to be around.

TESTD gives them the assurance that
tests are accurate and timely based on
your business' protocols.
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Ride share
  • We can embed TESTD data right

    inside your ride share app so the

    rider never leaves your platform.
  • No other information about

    the employee is revealed other

    than the "safe to drive" badge

    on the phone.
  • Driver can test at home and have

    test authenticated through

  • Biometric re-authentication

    verifies your driver's identity

    to the customer.
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  • Give consumers the assurance

    your delivery person is safe

    when they see the "safe worker"

    badge on their phones in your app.
  • Extends your umbrella of safety

    from the workplace to the doorstep.
  • Protects you from claims

    or liability issues.
  • Your workers are in and out of
    different locations all the time —
    your clients need to know they

    are not spreading infection.
  • Protect what you have and expand

    to what you don't with a workforce

    tested safe.