We can keep schools open
if we all get TESTD
Educate with confidence
Keeping kids in school is an absolute must. Even as vaccinations open up

for younger children, crowds can be concern for at-risk workers and vulnerable kids.

TESTD can help maintain the full in-person classroom experience.
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  • Students travel to school and

    bring virus with them. TESTD

    keeps you up to date on infections

    before they spread.
  • Get data on a particular dorm,

    lecture hall, sports facility,

    or the whole campus.
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K-12 Grade Schools
  • Children may not be as susceptible

    to the disease, but they can spread

    it to grown-ups. Test management

    is a must.
  • We value our teachers.

    We must keep them healthy.
  • Provide necessary information to

    school regulators so they can halt

    infection before it is an issue.
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  • Daycare is integral to keeping

    the workforce at work and getting

    our economy going again.
  • Daycare workers are among the

    most at risk because of economic
    and cultural factors. We must test

    them rigorously to prevent them

    infecting each other.