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Testing makes our workforce safe,
and consumers secure

Testing makes our workforce safe, and consumers secure

Like millions in our country and around the world, every member of our team has experience with the COVID-19 virus, personally or through family members and friends. Because our work is focused on bringing blockchain tools to small businesses, we chose to honor those lost to us by applying our technology to the needs businesses face to get safely back to work.

Management Team

Nicholus Andrews

Chief Executive Officer

Jaimie Restrepo

Chief Financial Officer

Osioke Ojior

Chief Operations Officer

Larry Nipon

Chief Revenue Officer

Alan Goodman

Head of Strategy, Marketing
and Communications

Eric Forst

Head of Product

Rob Cline

Head of Brand Design

Cindi de Vosjoli-Novak

Head of Product Design
and Consumer Experience

Jonathan Dunsmoor, ESQ

Chief Legal Officer

Technology Team

Le Vu Bao

Front End Web Developer

Praveen Kumar

Senior Project Manager

Venu Kumar Borra

Quality Assurance

Advisory Board

Ian Tong

Medical Advisor

Joseph Belmont

Retail and Service
Industry Advisor

Want to join us?

TESTD is building a community of advisers, medical professionals, business owners, municipal leaders, and individuals who are eager to address our modern needs for safety in the work force and privacy in our personal lives. We are also looking for partners in the market and investors to help us spread the TESTD process nationwide. If you would like to offer TESTD to your work force, or become a part of our mission in some other way, please contact us and you’ll be in touch with one of our core team members.