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Private and secure COVID-19 test data

Private and secure COVID-19 test data

Our blockchain technology secures encrypted
user-data and limits access to it.
Your test data is
captured and stored on IBM’s Hyperledger,
keeps any personal information private but allows

your virus status to be viewed by others when

distance can’t be maintained.

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Steps to take a test

TESTD allows employees a safe return to work –
no risk of exposure when accurate, current tests can be displayed

Download the TESTD app
and create an account.
Test kit and
patient are matched

locking it to the
Biometric ID on the
user’s phone.
The test-taking is witnessed
by a verified MA – either
in person or via telemedicine.
The verified test result is recorded confidentially
and made accessible via TESTD blockchain
technology on your smartphone app.
A manager's dashboard coordinates and reports
– who needs a test, when tests are
scheduled, if the lab has processed the test,
and where trouble spots exist.