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TESTD is a uniquely secure, private, and HIPAA compliant way to obtain and display a digital record of medical tests taken at home. Also, it works great to record tests taken at a clinic or workplace.
Using blockchain technology, a test taker’s identity is verified with fingerprint or Face ID and that identity is matched to a COVID-19 test kit. Most antibody blood tests give results in 5 to 10 minutes, and TESTD instantly records the test result to the app. Employees can use their TESTD COVID-19 ID at any gym, shop, restaurant, or nightclub that requires negative PCR tests or positive antibody tests. Via APIs, an employee’s test results are displayed in a corporate dashboard that lets an employer see the test-status of all your employees.
TESTD is an app that records and secures test results. It can work with any test for COVID-19 or be used to record any medical test results. We do not create tests and we’re not doctors, but we work with doctors and test manufacturers to provide the most accurate results available. Test results vary by kit and are up to 99.9% accurate.
TESTD is the only app specifically designed for medical self-testing at home. It gives a remote testing capability without the need for a nurse’s visit. TESTD can also be used for onsite testing at work.
TESTD is the only medical testing app built on blockchain, which is better for keeping user’s test results separate from all their other medical and personal information. TESTD is also the only medical testing app designed to prevent fraud and give employers verification that their employees actually took a test. We do this by matching a test-taker’s identity to a test kit via their smartphone and by having a teledoc or technician witness each test via webcam.
With APIs, TESTD test results are made available to any insurance provider and as required by each employer.
Yes. And, TESTD is the only HIPAA compliant app that can support a verified and secure digital recording of remote tests that are self-administered.